Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just another day, part II

Yesterday we spent the gloomy, misty afternoon working on our apartment building- you know, keeping things safe, sanitary, and attempting to make it a little bit nice too. It is adjacent to the high-voltage power lines that occupy a wide green median at 20th street. It's become a dumping ground- and when mattresses end up there, whoa! Instant playground!

Hard to see above, but Red Shirt is airborne.

The nurse part of me that is concerned about public health and safety in Milwaukee's north side population was easily won over by the easily-amazed part of me that said "OMG backflips!!!" and went to get the camera.

Executing high-risk behavior + No Trespassing signs+ bedbugfilled mattresses+being pretty much right in traffic=awesome moves.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just another day

Went shopping today, hit the thrifts. Blessed Again Resale at 76th and Hampton is always a good bet. There I ran into local author John Hoh and discussion of the history of Lutheran hymnals ensued. So, in the parking lot there is still a giant pile of snow. Not really snow per se anymore- it's shrunken dirt. There was a dude in the parking lot selling CD's and DVD's out of an old van. Business was good. Just another Milwaukee day.