Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gallery Night

What makes a city a vibrant, exciting place? Art, architecture, real diversity, street musicians, people out enjoying these things, and the visionaries who dream of and create them.
I had the opportunity to wander Gallery Night this past Friday unaccompanied. DH was performing at one of the galleries, which meant I was free to take my own sweet time (ah, freedom) and stop anywhere I chose.

This was not at all lonely- the streets and galleries swarmed with people.

My first stop was O Salon where Binky Tunny had her art on display. Above, at left, she describes her creative process to interested parties. The real party started after I left, as usually happens.

After that, I visited at the Grohmann Museum on the MSOE campus, having never been there before. Often traditional styles of art are kind of spiritual in nature- angels, Biblical elements, etc. One thing that struck me about the Grohmann is that every single piece of art on display celebrates man's achievements (including paintings of the building of the Tower of Babel and Noah's Ark)-- most strikingly the ceiling painting in the wonderfully airy round atrium.

"Fun," as they say, "was had by all."


Dave Reid said...

Nice post... I live right down the street from the museum and haven't checked it out yet... gotta do that soon.

The River Otter said...

Thanks Dave! Have fun at the Grohmann- there is so much more art there than I expected.