Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Folk Fair!

I love the Holiday Folk Fair. It's kind of an annual tradition. I made sure to get there hungry today and immediately stuffed myself with a Siopao, the Filipino steamed bun, washed down with hot ginger tea. This was followed by Danish pastry and then Klobasa, a Slovak sausage.Of course, then I was stuffed like a sausage myself, and perfectly content to watch everybody else dance to the amazing accordion-infused live band.

People from all over the world, dancing the same dance! Fantastic!

This year's theme is "Celebrate the Weavings of Culture," which was broadly interpreted as fiber arts of all kinds being demonstrated and discussed in the cultural area. The secrets of knitting cables were imbued on me by a kindly mystical Irishman. Nearly lost arts like tatting and bobbin lace were proudly and nimbly executed by women with lightning-fast fingers. People's willingness to share and explain? Priceless! Especially since I got a miracle ticket!

The Holiday Folk Fair continues tomorrow (November 22nd, 2009) from 10am-7pm at the State Fair Expo Center.

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Scott William said...

Here is a Sweet Pork Bun link you may enjoy.