Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perfect day for ice

Dog paw sculpture outside of the doggie spa.

It was cold today, but not too cold to walk outside, and most of the time the sun was shining: the perfect day for ice sculptures. What could be more awesome than taking a walk to the grocery store in Shorewood and watching intrepid artists carving giant blocks of ice?

I'm not sure what this (above) is supposed to be. A heart? A butt? It's kind of sexy. I like the way the light was shining on it. Ok, it's pretty hot. I can't believe it didn't melt itself.

Well, I learned something interesting about ice sculptures. What's different about the picture above and the one below? The above shot was taken about 45 minutes before the next one, below.

Aha- I always thought you could only take away from an ice sculpture, by shaving or carving. As it turns out, you can also add parts to one. The miracle of ice!

Of course, it would have been even more awesome if any of the artists was carving otter shapes, since otters LOVE ice. It would have been great symbolism. But alas...

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