Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to the Future, by train

I'm really excited that the long-abandoned Tower Automotive site on 27th and Capitol will be used for manufacturing trains. The area is so Detroit-style creepy right now. This repurposing makes perfect sense. Of course, it's sad that so many train tracks in Milwaukee and elsewhere have been not only abandoned, but removed- relatively recently, even. Now we (as a society) are realizing that, dang, trains are awesome! What were we thinking?

There's a great textbook that's been in my family for awhile, ¿Habla EspaƱol? An Introductory Course. (Lately, I've been poring over the por y para chapter.) It's dated 1976 and as such, a lot of the dialogs deal with subjects like, ¿Deseas conservar energia? Si! So I'm excited that the Ingeteam folks are coming here with wind turbines too. Anyway, el diccionario at the back of the book actually has an entry for el Talgo: "deluxe Spanish train." How cool is that? Maybe I should stop skipping past all the second-person-plural verb forms.


Dave Reid said...

This really is good news.

escapefromwisconsin said...

Speaking of Spanish Trains:

Anonymous said...

Tower Automotive (formerly the AO Smith Company) was not at 27th & Capitol Drive, although it came fairly close--probably as far east as 29th or 30th Street. Its SE corner was at 27th and Townsend and generally was west of Hopkins toward Capitol Drive, although it owned some land just to the east of Hopkins for some parking space for its workers. A cousin of mine lived on 28th Street, two blocks south of Capitol.

AO Smith was predominately along 35th Street from Townsend north to Capitol Drive. My parochial school--St John de Nepomuc was located at 37th and Townsend--two blocks west.

All told, including the railroad tracks of the 30th Street Industrial Corridor, AO Smith occupied about 32 city blocks, or about 160 acres.