Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, crap.

We had Weather last night, alright. This is a pic from after it had mostly subsided. Treacherous flooded streets. Manholes and sewers spewing poopwater like geysers. Cars with blinkers on and people randomly pulling U-turns trying to snake their way through rising waters. Frantic calls to my mom in the next county hoping she could figure out by telepathy or satellite or something which streets were dry enough to drive on. Finally parking four blocks away and scrambling up the incline under I-43 above the flooding, then wading the rest of the way- soaked. Last night was...intense! At least I didn't end up in a sinkhole or struck by lightning. The constant- literally- sirens we heard while cleaning up the six or seven inches of shitwater from the basement served as a sobering reminder that there were lots of people out there who were worse off. Our downstairsika cooked us an amazing dinner and made me a gin and tonic, we comiserated with the neighbors, and then we got to work carrying bucket after bucket after bucket of Hepatitis C and gonorrhea and ringworm and ... out of the basement.

Home Depot was out of bleach this morning and sump pump hoses and dehumidifiers, expecting trucks from neighboring counties to bring more supplies for the gloved hordes. We had one bottle left from last week's sewer backup floating around down there.
Guess I'd better get back to work.


Rebecca Targ said...

I am so so so sorry...

bfmomma said...

Thanks for the Home Depot update. I had on my list:
BIG garbage bags
plastic bins (the stuff in plastic bins is fine today)

elizabeth said...

oh Suzanne,
what a drag! I am glad you are okay!

iguy said...

Wow.. Sorry to hear it. Glad your ok. Just figure it'll end eventually and you can get back to normal life. Soap is your friend and bleach is your basement's friend.

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