Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gorgeous girls!

If I had room for any more cats, I would take these two beauties home with me.

Mary Jane (above) and Pookie Lynn are sister cats up for adoption with For Cat's Sake. They're currently living at the Glendale Pet Supplies Plus, where they are on the lookout for someone to take them home. I hate to admit it, but these girls are even prettier than my own kitties.

Yesterday, Mary Jane rubbed her forehead on my hand, through the glass. She has perfect little white mitts and the most luxurious fur on her tail. Pookie is a little more shy. They're about eight months old, complement each other perfectly, and are ready for their forever home!


capper said...

Mary Jane looks like a kitler.

Just saying.

The River Otter said...

Oh, that is too funny.

Scott said...

"Here I am, ain't no cat of the world,
All I need are some [gorgeous] girls!"
(If Van Halen were cats)