Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Pig!

So, all of a sudden there's a Piggly Wiggly on East Capitol where Lena's closed (and before that, Pick'n'Save). I don't even remember a "Coming Soon!" sign. All of a sudden it was there, fully stocked and open, and even equipped with a liquor license.

I went. I shopped. It was okay.

The staff was exceptionally, almost absurdly friendly. The deli people asked how I wanted my sale ham (piggly, but not wiggly) sliced and then actually sliced it the way I requested. Pick'n'Save? Nope, the sale ham there is already pre-sliced some kind of medium.

Signing up for yet another frequent shopper card, I asked the lady at the table when they had opened. March 17th, you say? What? Well, then. She said that people were telling her they were happy they have a choice now. But the thing is, there already is plenty of choice! Aldi, a treacherous walk across Capitol Drive from the Outpost; Lena's, on Holton and Concordia; Big Lots, for cheap HFCS-laden snacks; and on and on.**
**KD Supermarket, above, at 418 E. Center Street: the only food store I could find anywhere that was open Christmas Day 2008. That's worth something. Photo courtesy of Google Street View.


Scott said...

How was the fruit selection? That's probably why people get so one likes the shrink-wrapped Aldi pears!

The River Otter said...

The produce selection was a bit...small. Nothing was shrink-wrapped though!