Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Angelo's Piano Bar

It felt like we were in a movie. Or in New York City. Or in another decade. It was awesome. Angelo's Piano Bar on Van Buren, just south of Brady.
Friday night it was packed. And amazing. Vicky Provencher was the featured singer, but many other people sang too, accompanied by the amazing pianist, one of those natural musicians who could, as far as I could see, play absolutely anything, without ever looking at her hands, and sing at the same time.

Here's Angelo himself. He owns the place, he carried a bucket of ice, he bussed tables, he sang.

We were transported to a whole other place.


Dave Reid said...

I haven't been in Angelo's in a while, I need to go now, but the very best is when his daughter is singing she is amazing.

The River Otter said...

I had no idea what went on behind that unassuming facade! We will definitely have to go again.

Anonymous said...

cool! I've long known of that place but never gotten up to going there. Now I'll have to!