Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wisconsin Cactus and Succulent Club

The Wisconsin Cactus and Succulent Club (not to be confused with The Cactus Club) is one of my favorite features of the State Fair. They are always right next door to the bonsai group: I know just where to go. Huge Jade plant: the proud owner, cultivator, bonsai-er talked to me for awhile. He had me convinced I need to attend a WCSC meeting. I did try to get his picture next to it, but it didn't happen.

Amazing! Look at the shapes! Some of these come from faraway locales: the Canary Islands, for instance, was the birthplace of the large specimen on the far left.

Rosy pink, almost magenta- and gorgeous.

This one looks like glass. Or candy.

Look at the swirling colors and the pink flowers- I could get lost in this for hours. Trippy! Next club meeting is in November. Maybe, eh?

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