Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I did not get pictures of

Things seen at the State Fair opening day yesterday, which I was so excited to get to that I forgot my camera:

::Chocolate-covered bacon on a stick. The friend who accompanied me to the Fair was shown, chocolatey-faced, on Channel 12 eating some with much gusto.

::Large people. People on scooters.

::Well-hung Clydesdales.

::Small 4-H children singing "I will Survive" en masse.

::A giant banner proclaiming McDonald's as a proud sponsor of the Ag Oasis. Figure THAT one out. Oh, the apple slices in a plastic bag. Mmmmmm.

::Piglets! (AKA future chocolate-covered bacon.)

::Cactus and succulent judging. I loooooove succulents. I am the kind of person who, though I normally have the attention span of an eight-year-old on the last day of school, can nonetheless spend hours looking at cacti and succulents, given the right circumstances...but we had to get to the expo center. (I generally go to the Fair twice every year: once with my friend, who does not read my blog, and again by myself to do all the stuff I want to do.)

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mikemiller34 said...

My faves: the WELS stand (the WELS just seems so in its element there--hard to describe to outsiders, perhaps), the Awkward Family Photos, the Catholic kitsch stand that had glow-in-the-dark statues and such but was sadly discontinued in the mid-1990s.

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