Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bike Path diversion

I don't know why this threw me for a tizzy today.

I use the bike path for transportation rather than recreation, so oft I am in a hurry to actually get somewhere on it. The detour was not well marked and there was a dude sort of half sleeping in a car right on the other side of the orange block-my-way thing, who gave me a weird look when I let out a very unladylike utterance. I figured out how to get back onto Wilson Drive and then back onto the bike path from the Culver's lot. This is until September 20-something or so. Bleah. The awesomest part of the bike path is, of course, being able to sail over Capitol Drive traffic.

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New Mama said...

I know! So annoying. We ran into this the other day when we were meeting friends at Riverside Park, and I was pulling 40-pound Henry in the trailer. Crossing Capitol feels dangerous with him behind me.