Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature shots

Usually it seems that the National Forests in any state are the best places to hike and camp. The Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky was no exception. We found this turtle on one of the trails. Isn't he adorable?
In case you were wondering, it did rain on our trip. A lot. Well, every day, but not all day. The usual procedure was thus: find a place to camp, set up the tent under clear skies, awaken to rain. The mountains were indeed smoky.
And, awesome mushrooms appeared everywhere. This one below popped up after a rain, shredding this leaf as it grew. My camera came home full of fungus, so to speak.


Dottie said...

Beautiful pictures! I miss the mountains, since I moved from NC/TN to Chicago.

The River Otter said...

Thanks! Chicago is awesome though. I get there any chance I can.