Wednesday, September 9, 2009

World Hoop Day

Today, 09/09/09, was designated by some awesome person as World Hoop Day.

In Milwaukee, that meant hooping by the Sunburst downtown. Perfect! I have always loved that public sculpture. Familiar, happy, a beacon. I never realized before that it is on a kind of round dais, a perfect place for a random fun thing like hoop dance at lunchtime. A lot of downtown-working folk were around, walking, obtaining lunch, staring-- some even joined in. It was fantastic.

Normally, I work at noon on Wednesdays, but I was late on purpose today. I am supposed to be promoting wellness and "convincing" people to exercise more. You know, saying things like "find physical activity that you enjoy so that you are motivated to stick with it."

And what could be more motivating than learning new hoop tricks from these beautiful people?


JudiAnn said...

We celebrated World Hoop Day here in the quite corner of Northeastern Connecticut. The weather was beautiful and enjoyed sharing the joy of hoop dancing. Look forward to celebrating 10/10/10. Happy Hooping :)

The River Otter said...

Oooh- 10/10/10! That reminds me...there are less than four months left in this century.

Karen said...

I also love "The Calling," even though many people label it an eyesore. I agree that it is the perfect, random place for such a random day.