Friday, September 25, 2009

Dollar Pabst in a can

I thought that was a Milwaukee thing, that somehow Pabst became cool again here. (Cold, and cool, simultanously.)

Turns out it's not! It's a Pabst thing, not a Milwaukee thing.

Every city we visited between here and Asheville (which touts itself as Beer City USA, incidentally) had dollar PBR in a can. I thought we were special. It was great to see the hometown brew everywhere, though.


Dottie said...

Yeah, cheap Pabst was cool when I was in college in Chapel Hill, NC '99-'03. I never drank it, though. Budweiser was bad enough :)

The River Otter said...

I actually do like Pabst!

Rhyno said...

Thanks to you, I developed a fondness for it, Zoe.