Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mts are beautiful

There is an amazing but treacherous road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park- a one-way gravel road that winds from north to south, winding, winding; it's crazy amazing. We did have some idea of what we were getting into from the book we brought with, a map we got in the park, and also a warning sign at the start of the road, explaining- so that the intrepid traveler could consent in an informed fashion- that it was an eight-mile gravel road that would likely take an hour to drive.

Hair was raised on our arms. But it was gorgeous.

There were few others who were taking this same road with us. One of the other vehicles was a little sedan that kind of raced up behind us, not downshifting (as would be advisable). We pulled over on one of the pulloffs that occured every mile or so. The little sedan pulled up beside us, and the couple inside rolled down to ask us, as if we were in a Grey Poupon commercial, "Did you get your directions off of Google Maps or Mapquest?" We laughed pretty hard about that as they raced off.

We also saw three elk, chillaxing in the afternoon. I had really hoped to see elk.

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