Monday, July 13, 2009

Brighten your day with new photos and HOPE

Cindy sent me some more photos. I wish I would have looked at them earlier because they are real day-brighteners.

Clark and Cindy

I added several to the parade photostream. Honestly, I don't know everyone's name. So....erm...maybe you can leave a comment on a photo.

Now would probably be a good time to make a shameless plug for Relay for Life. It's a fundraiser through the American Cancer Society.

Full disclosure: I was an oncology nurse for many years. I hung a lot of bags of chemotherapy and took care of all kinds of cancer patients. I worked grueling third shifts- and let me tell you, when something hurts, it hurts a lot worse at 3 am. We all know that cancer- breast cancer, especially- is hugely related to environmental toxins. And I want any readers to understand that even more than anything that has to do with the dam- whether it stays or goes- getting rid of the PCB's and other toxins in the river is much, much more important to me. Human lives are more important than any dam. Cleanup has already been started in Lincoln Park and the $22 million project of cleaning up the KK River is already underway- es muy, muy importante.
So there is hope! Hope for future generations especially- that they can have a cleaner environment than we have for ourselves.
Thanks for showing, Theo!

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