Sunday, July 26, 2009

You are here, love is here

This weekend I went hiking with a longtime friend in the Kettle Moraine (Southern Unit). This was carved into a bench on a scenic overlook.

This weekend brought three rainbows- actually, four, since the one above was a double arc- the photos I got of both weren't as bright. It was indeed amazing though.

And here's a spider chillaxin'. Neither of us could identify the plant, but I wonder if it was an invasive. As it was, I personally exterminated several Emerald Ash Borers.


Charlotte said...

Funny, you're killing emerald ash borers, and we're moving wood beyond a 100 mile radius for camping since we can't afford to buy any.

The River Otter said...

Well, our "cheap" Asian imports turned out to be not-so-cheap after all, since that is what brought in all the treekilling beetles etc.
My smashing of a few of them made no dent in their population.