Sunday, July 19, 2009

The MKE vida loca

Summerfield Open Door center held a fundraiser yesterday that was advertised thus: "See wonders that will amaze you."

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance troupe: back, back, and...

Well, sure enough, they were right. is this even possible?

Distinctively Different sang too. I heart them muchly. Four-part harmony: Heidi, Darlene, Paula, and Lynda.

Distinctively Different vocal quartet

Crazy hoop dancing. The guy (above) is part of a male belly-dancing troupe in his free time.

More belly dance, above.
Michael Jackson tribute- PYT (Pretty Young Thing).

And lastly, Shaia, who orchestrated the event.
There also was the most amazing pie EVER. I didn't even think to take a picture of the pie- everything else was busy amazing me. Some of the pictures are blurred- it is difficult to get photos of constantly moving people!


mikemiller34 said...

Didn't you say this was gay-themed? Wish I'd have gone!

The River Otter said...

That's not quite what I said LOL. It was a gay-friendly, women's body-image-positive event.

They said they will put on another one!

mikemiller34 said...

I'm heterosexual, by the way. I should have a breathalyzer hooked up to my laptop!

mikemiller34 said...

I just noticed the dude also taking pictures of the belly dancers *LOL*

The River Otter said...

I know- I loved the "meta" of the guy taking a picture in the background. :)

Also, Mike, I always knew you are heterosexual, but thanks for clarifying for the vast multitudes who also read this.