Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just some architecture that I love

I will continue to briefly discuss the Columbia-St. Mary's architecture. (Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here).

I love this ancient St. Mary's Hospital building. A favorite place to visit, built in 1858. Many injured sailors were served here by nuns when life was dangerous in a different way than it is now.

This is the one built in the 1970's. I once read how the War Memorial (also by the lake, the original one- not the Calatrava) "makes concrete seem to float." That seems an apt description. This flower-shaped building is innovative- maximizing natural light, and making hospital units efficient and safe. Alas, progress must occur. Does it seem dated? Is it ugly? I like it. The renovated units were sunny and provided for safe patient care: the semicircle formation meant no long hallways, no faraway hidden places for unknowns to happen. It was all right there.

This is the new hospital. *Sigh*. Maybe it will be finished someday.

Here is the juxtaposition of all three.

And the really cool water tower next door. Just a lovely thing. Built in 1873.

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