Friday, March 13, 2009

Gratuitous (royalty-free) otter shots

(SUPER CUTE alert!)
I've heard a few people say they've seen otters on the Milwaukee River. It's possible. I've seen them (North American River Otters) in northern Wisconsin and it was a special treat. They are kind of fun to watch at the Zoo, but it made me very sad at the same time.

I myself have seen something along the river bank that I can best identify as a fisher. I have also learned that there are dark mink in Glendale, descendents of escapees from a former fur farm.

I hope that someday the waters of our river can one day be clean enough that otters can once again frolic here. People who enjoy fishing, though, do not seem to appreciate the otter. (Addendum: this last statement is based on reports of fisherpeople killing/poisoning otters in northern Wisconsin, acting on the belief that they "eat all the fish.") I do note, also, that they live in the impounded lakes in the Nicolet National Forest- dammed rivers- so I really do hold the belief that it is the contaminants (and other issues with urban life) and not the dam themselves that deter otters.

Aren't they just SUPER CUTE????????


willie dynamite said...

If you'd like to see species like otters in the mke river someday I'd suggest reveiwing your support for something like the dam. The dam has the result of greatly reducing the aquatic diversity that species like river otters depend on. The otters will return when there is a healthy RIVER environment, hence the name River Otter.

willie dynamite said...

Fisherman like River Otters because they are sign of healthy riparian environments, that benefit all species, including fish. Fisherman understand the interconnectedness of species in a healthy environment, and do not view the environment through a myopic lens.

The River Otter said...

Thanks, wiscokid, for your many comments.
Maybe it is more a northern WI attitude, but I have heard reports of fishermen killing otters there, believing that they will eat all the fish out of a lake. It is good to know (though you have since removed that comment) that they are so nearby, in the Kettle Moraine.

smigar said...

My family and I saw a river otter on the bend of the Milwaukee River 2 weeks ago. River otters (sans blogs) are here and they rock!!! (So are bitterns but I'm not aware of a river bittern blog.) ;->