Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some history of the impoundment

John Gurda wrote this article in December of 2008, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
"There were ultimately six camps within the county's borders: in Whitnall, Estabrook, Sheridan and Kletzsch parks, with two more along what is now Honey Creek Parkway. Each accommodated roughly 200 young men who lived under the authority of regular Army officers and worked under the direction of trained foremen on highly specific tasks. The improvements they made to our parks and parkways have proven remarkably durable...They reshaped the bed of the Milwaukee River in Lincoln Park and constructed the present flood-control dam in Estabrook Park. They erected the graceful suspension bridge that crosses the Menomonee River near Hoyt Park, and they built miles of walkways and retaining walls with dolomite from a quarry in Currie Park. The waterfall on the Milwaukee River in Kletzsch Park - a popular fishing spot during the fall salmon run - is actually a concrete dam faced with local dolomite. CCC crews worked day and night to finish it before the spring floods came."

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