Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poli Sci 101

I spent 5.5 hours of my life here today in a windowless room in the Courthouse, voluntarily.
Another adventure in the political process: today was the Parks, Energy, and Environment Committee (an unwieldy moniker with an unfortunate acronym) discussion of the Estabrook Dam Rehabilitation Alternatives Analysis, also known as "The Report." Thirteen other items were on the agenda, all of them interesting (I did miss one due to a bathroom break- this was, after all, a five and a half hour meeting). Everyone was able to speak who had indicated a wish to do so. Overall it was a very civil and interesting discussion, the ultimate outcome of which was that the PEE Committee did not accept or reject the report; instead, they voted to "Receive and Place on File" after reminding everyone twice that there will be a special meeting on the 24th where people can air their grievances, for two minutes each.

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