Thursday, March 5, 2009

River cleanups- call to action

Photo taken by me, 2007, on the river near the dolomite falls in Estabrook Park.
The Milwaukee Riverkeeper is sponsoring the Earth Day river cleanups on Saturday, April 18th, from 9am to noon. I will participate, most likely in Lincoln Park, my neighborhood park. I URGE AND ENCOURAGE all Estabrook Dam supporters to participate as well. Here is a list of sites.
I note that Kletzsch Park, Estabrook park and the UWM Park and Ride on Humboldt are listed also, as well as a canoe-in cleanup off Brown Deer Road- fun!
When you register, feel free to let the Riverkeeper staff know you are an Estabrook Dam supporter. They need to know that we care about the river beyond "our own backyards."
See you there!


The River Otter said...

I received this comment via email:
"I went to your blog today and saw you had a post asking people to help with the River Keepers cleanup effort and when they call to register to let them know that they supported keeping the dam. Do you think the absence of people who support keeping the dam may send a stronger message to the River Keepers?" My response to that is, they won't notice if we are not there. They will notice if there are enough of us there, cooperating to achieve our common goal- a clean, reacreation-friendly river- not rich elitists, but ready to clean up just like everyone else.

The River Otter said...

This is a comment verbally stated to me: "Your post about the cleanups inspired me to do on in our neighborhood for Earth Day." The couple who said this to me are pitching the idea to their neighborhood association. They are planning a noxious weed removal for that weekend. Huzzah!