Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Call to everyone who wants the dam out

To everyone who signed a petition to remove the Estabrook Dam, I'll see you out on the banks every weekend in the coming summers doing stabilization and planting suitable native species to keep the inevitable carpet of buckthorn and the subsequent underlayer of garlic mustard at bay. Oh? You thought you just would get to fish? Sorry. You're not really signing a petition--it's a long-term work contract. See you there!


Francois said...

I like the term “long term work contract” it says so much with so few words.

jlc said...

I really don't believe that even 5% of the dam removal advocates will lift a finger to preserve the waterway. They should never have lifted a pen to sign their name. The river is will be much better with the dam in place.

PermaSkunk said...

I'm all in...with the objective to help stabilize the banks, clean up the river, and re-create a beautiful environment when the dam is removed.

Do you actually believe that TU, the Milwaukee Riverkeeper and others WONT be cleaning up the river in "your" area as they do every year?

Lets get people educated on this subject and put this issue to a Milwaukee County referendum vote. I'm willing to live with the results. Are you?

If the dam stays, maybe the ancillary benefit of public education on this issue will be less litter, less dumping and more public involvement in the care of the river.

The River Otter said...

Hi PermaSkunk- of course I know the Riverkeeper masterminds the river cleanups. I already signed up and offered to be a site captain. You could read my post on it, and follow the handy link to the Riverkeeper site to sign up.