Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bike to Work Week

OMG bikes!!! Squeeee!
Milwaukee's Bike to Work Week, traditionally in early May, has been moved to June 6th-12th this year, in hopes of warmer weather and greater participation. Don't let that stop you though. Be an early adopter.

Here is a link to some downloadable Milwaukee bike maps.

A few common-sense tips for bicycling safety: stay alert; dress in layers appropriate for weather; wear a properly fitted helmet; obey traffic signals; install a front light and a flashing back light; and give parked cars a three-foot berth to avoid getting "doored." Likewise, if you are getting out of a car parked on a city street, check for bicyclists to avoid dooring them! Use the best lock you can and lock it to one of the city "U" racks. Watch out for children and drunken pedestrians who might step out right in front of you, apropos of nothing. Most of all, have fun, feel good about saving gas costs and emissions, and enjoy getting exercise and an intimate view of the city you just can't get from a car.

Here are a couple links to my favorite bike repair shops, to help you get your bike ready for The Season:
Cory The Bike Fixer on Murray just north of North Avenue, and Rainbow Jersey on Wilson Drive south of Hampton. I have always gotten excellent service at both places.

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mikemiller34 said...

And to all bikers who are much less considerate than the River Otter herself--which is many of you: slow down and don't run into me on the Oak Leaf Trail. kthanksbye