Monday, May 25, 2009

Boys at war

The son of a very wonderful lady with whom I used to work was quite recently deployed to Afghanistan. I had hoped that whomever our new president was to be would have had all our troops home by now, but that was not to be, and he is there. She put out a request that anyone could write to him, and any of the other Marines there, if we wanted. The postage is 44 cents- same as a US stamp, which seems less steep somehow when the letter travels overseas like that. I sent him a letter. I had only met him perhaps three times, but she talks about him so much, you know, like any good mother. She said write about anything back here at home, the Brewers, weather, whatever.

I encourage anyone who likes at all to write to put a pen to paper and write to someone in the military serving overseas. Support our troops, even if you don't support the war.

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