Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UWM's Freshwater Sciences- PRO!

Below is the body of an email I sent the Harbor Commissioners.

I am writing as a citizen concerned about our city, our region, and our waters. I feel that the proposed site for the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences on the Lake Michigan shore is perfect for several reasons: first, it makes logical sense to have it located there, directly on the water. Second, although it is offsite, it is close to the main campus- within easy walking distance. Third, it is a chance to show off our shoreline. Cities like NYC and Baltimore have beautiful, amazing structures on their shorelines, showcasing both the architecture and the water. An innovative and well-designed structure would build on the momentum started by the Calatrava. Make it a green building that uses passive solar for heating and light- or that could even generate extra power to add to the grid, like the Aktivhaus, and we will have something amazing for future generations.


The River Otter

You can email the Harbor Commissioners before tomorrow evening to support the School of Freshwater Sciences on lakefront site - here are the addresses. I got one response right away. There's a meeting tomorrow night, too: attend the Public Hearing on May 28th at 6 PM at City Hall in Room 301-B and share your opinion. I would attend if I were able.

Why is this different than the County Grounds issue? See above.

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