Friday, May 29, 2009

Mission complete! Last of the Lustron photos.

Here are the rest of the fifteen extant (according to the Lustron Registry) Lustron houses in Milwaukee, in the order in which I photographed them. Shout out to the Wauwatosa branch of the Milwaukee Public Library for helping me out.
Lustron House at 403 N. 91st Street.

Lustron at 2971 N. 91st Street. Small porch area is enclosed.

Lustron at 3474 N. 93rd St. On the corner. Sided pale blue.

3014 N. 83rd. Screen porch added. Garage is as seen below. Appears to be covered with some sort of stucco and then painted a similar shade of blue.

The garage: the ghosts of the square tiles are visible.

3205 N. 82nd, on the corner.


Angie Boesch said...

Thanks for the photo documentation of all the Milwaukee Lustrons. There is an additional Lustron located at 4412 N 42nd.

Anonymous said...

There is an additional Lustron at 4259 N Sercombe Rd. It is literally around the corner from the one at 3825 W Marion. I have submitted it to the Lustron registry.