Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UWM again

In another fine post today, Capper discussed (in a long post, which I invite you to read for yourself) the whole UWM invasion onto the County Grounds, stating that "the so-called County Board Economic and Community Development Committee foolishly voted to recommend all but giving away the county grounds to a private developer." One reason that it just rubs me the wrong way- besides the idea of developing the County green space that was supposed to remain open in perpetuity- is that I worked for Columbia Hospital for so many years and (overall) loved it. It's closing- gradually, slowly dying; my former unit already closed last year. Some of the buildings are historic, and rather ornate. It would be the best possible thing for everyone concerned if UWM bought the Columbia property.
Look at this map- the Columbia property is situated perfectly within the L-shaped UWM campus. (Yes, I know it is supposed to say "Downer Woods"; it's not the worst error ever made on an online map.)

There it is- perfectly nestled, just waiting to be repurposed as university space.


Dave Reid said...

Oh yeah the Columbia site makes a lot of sense for UWM to acquire. Unfortunately the neighborhood is strongly against UWM using any of it for dorms, and so there would likely be a fight over it as well.

The River Otter said...

Weird how people can move near a university and resent that it's there. Instead of, you know, walking over and seeing free concerts and movies and so forth. The old Columbia buildings would make great condos too- have you ever checked out the old original nursing school building? It was used as faculty offices in the '90's- it's really cool.