Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Horicon- who'd have thought?

This is a cool video about the "New Urbanism," which is the old urbanism.

DH and I ended up in Horicon this past Saturday, visiting our nomad friend Nate (his next stop is Alaska). He gave us a walking tour of the town, his daily routine: library, gym, post office, park, Horicon Marsh, work, ice cream place. It was like the perfect walkable microcosm. The house he's currently living in is for sale- it's right across the street from the Rock River and a picturesque red brick church. I might just have to decide we're moving. (I feel compelled to add that its address is 121, which is 11x11. That is absolutely the icing on the cake. All my favorite addresses have been multiples of 11 or 101 or both- 1515, 2121, and- the best- 3333 S. 99th.)

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