Friday, May 1, 2009

What's tappening?

I first started thinking about bottled water being just kind of weird when What's Tappening asked to be my MySpace friend (very politely).

One vivid image they put out there is to imagine a bottle of bottled water being one-quarter full of oil - since that is how much petroleum it takes to make the bottle, fill it, and transport it. I like my refillable Sigg bottle. It is my comfort object.

Some people where I work fought to get recycling bins put in the break room. I really didn't care about it, because I just don't use recyclables at work. But they're there now. I guess I just think it's better to reduce (or the "other R," refuse) on the front end.


Mapsand Legends said...

You better believe that "Friends of Milwaukee Rivers", "Urban Ecology Center" and the Sierra Club have bottled water in their offices and definitely at every event. Yeah, its their right, but it is the ultimate hypocrisy.

The River Otter said...

Yes, M&L, I have seen this too at Riverkeeper and UEC events.

jesica putri said...

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