Saturday, June 13, 2009

A B A Semar

So, the other week I was trying to figure out to whom I could cry out for help: I have a pair of beloved shoes that desperately needed resoling. I thought the man that typically takes care of such things for me (A B A Semar, 5464 N Port Washington Rd Milwaukee, WI 53217; 414-332-0600) was out of business, since the building he worked out of got remodeled, redone, refurbished, and his sign was gone. The place looked empty. The staff at Stan's (whom I finally called out of desperation) said otherwise. "Go to the back of the building," said the voice on the phone, telling me the secret to the meaning of life (and shoe repair). "He is there." I felt furtive, like I was going to see Mr. Miyagi, or The Oracle.

Sure enough, Mr. Semar was sitting outside, by the back door, a spry little old elf.

When I got inside, I noted all manner of watch repair items- and since I had repaired my watchband myself with black electrical tape and mightily resisted The Brain's efforts to buy me a new one (his taste can be, well, dissimilar to mine)- I asked them to replace the band on my old one, which the did, whilst I waited. (I love my watch. I had bought it at a thrift store in Eagle River, WI. It is special to me.) Now that it has a new band, it is pretty much perfect again. I wear it all the time, except in the shower.

I do get attached to objects, and have a sentimental streak that borders on pathological, but it's not the worst thing, really. Having items repaired keeps the economy going, too- not just buying new things. I now have my shoes back too- they are refurbished like new- and since they are the kind that I can just slip into, they are just ideal with this back thing I have going on. What excellent timing. I am trying to stay optimistic. These little things make all the difference.


mikemiller34 said...

I wish I'd put two and two together. I have a mailbox at Mail N' More in that same building. I'm sure I've seen his sign but never thought twice about it.

The River Otter said...

Well, now you know! His ads say he repairs just about anything; he fixed a purse for me once, too.

New Mama said...

I love that store! I've had boots re-heeled there.

The River Otter said...

By the way, he fixed my sandals perfectly. I have been wearing them just about every day.