Thursday, June 11, 2009

Born under the sign of the otter

There is a separate Celtic astrology system, probably quite ancient and very different than the one we typically use in the US (which is, of note, totally random and only based in the vaguest possible way on anything to do with stars, moon, planets, and the earth's rotation around the sun. But I won't get into precession or any other actual astronomical phenomena here). My June birthday, according to the familiar US system, gives me the sign of Gemini- changing, effervescent, random: all true. But the Celtic system gives me the sign of the Otter. Even better!

I found out about this on MySpace way back in the days when people actually used MySpace. I had put some otter-related things on my page, and one day got a request from some guy in Indiana who called himself OtterBrett (he found me when searching for other otterlovers). He requested to be my MySpace friend and we exchanged otter-related info, and found out that we had some other things in common, including that he and I were both born under the Celtic sign of the Otter, loves camping and nature, and that he lives in the same Indiana town as my aunt and uncle- small, small world (yay, interwebs!). So when I abandoned my MySpace page and moved over to Facebook, I befriended OtterBrett there too--never having met him IRL-- on which we still keep in touch. Isn't this what so-called "social networking sites" are supposed to be about? Meeting new people and learning things you otherwise never would have had any idea about?

Here's a rundown of the deets on those born under the Sign of the Otter:

Date of Birth: June 10 - July 7

Celtic Birth Animal: OTTER

Gaelic Name: DOBHRAN (DAV-rhan)

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Birthstone: Diamond

Key Words: Family, Joyful, Helpful, Intuitive, Playful, Creative.

Description: Otter people are enterprising, with a wide breadth of vision. Optimistic & Opti-mystic. Strong personal magnetism.

Gift, Quality or Ability: Protection, Shape-shifting, Journeying, Shamanic Powers.

Compatibility: Harmonious relations with Goose & Seal. Will also relate well to Salmon, Adder, Stag. Difficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs.

(Brain, who has just as much Celtic ancestry as I do, is a Swan under this system...obviously, it's just for fun! He is a Virgo...which actually does suit him fairly well, I think.)

For more information, including the other Celtic signs, click here.

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