Sunday, June 7, 2009


This pin cost me 50 cents at a rummage we stopped at on our vacation. I'll have to figure out a way not to get stabbed when I wear it. It'll look nice next to my Nader/LaDuke pin, right?
Was change a theme of the 1976 Jimmy Carter presidential campaign? I don't really remember. If so, some things never do change, right? It was one of Obama's themes last year, too.

I do remember the 1980 election, though. I was six years old and I really wanted Carter to win. The day after election day was like Christmas. I ran downstairs to get the Sentinel and cried when I saw Reagan's name. Who was this Reagan guy? He didn't seem nice. He wasn't going to invite me over to play on the White House lawn with Amy on what I imagined was a lavish Presidential swing set. I still like Carter. He is a good man: a humanitarian, a peacekeeper, a writer, a proponent of alternative energy. I deeply respect him. Below is a photo from 2009. These are wind machines near Fond du Lac now, in 2009, when finally we are realizing that Carter had the right idea after all.

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