Friday, June 5, 2009

Do art NO WAR

"Neutijo" sent me this picture. It is part of her 53215 photo series- things she sees in her daily life. The graffito in the bottom right corner is what she called my attention to- "Do art NO WAR." I've been pondering this for a few days now.

Note its juxtaposition with what appears to be a gang identifier. That's irony for you: a different kind of war; a war at home, so to speak. It's a concept I've actually been pondering for years (hobbies as a means to self-confidence and self-worth rather than troublemaking and gang affiliation).

On a lighter note, Riversplash is this weekend, but after last year's mayhem Brain and I will not be attending. Going to a summer festival is not worth going through a security checkpoint.


Erik Helm said...

This cynical person thinks that perhaps they meant to write "Do Art, Not War"

But... managed to lose the 'T' somewhere in cannabis land.

Cute photo.

The River Otter said...

My guess was that the writer's first language no es ingles.