Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real life starts again

Kitties helped me blog while I recuperated.
I got released this morning to go back to work this week. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it's been great to sleep when I need to- staying up till dawn, if that's when I had energy and ability to stand up; napping during the afternoon, if that's what pain and meds necessitated; eating when I wanted and needed to; and most of all, spending time writing- and I've read and written a lot, even when nearly immobile! My days got all mixed up. Time flowed funny- or not at all!- how did I spend two weeks in bed? Did that really happen, or was it a dream?

Somehow though I had a lot of creative and emotional energy, (mostly positive, surprisingly) possibly due to having no way of releasing any physical pent-up energy at all. I had some surprising inspirations for new projects and feel compelled and moved to help people in a different way than I have really felt before.

Today I was up and about, which felt good too, even straightening up a few things around the house that have- ahem- gotten out of hand. The yard and garden is a different story, and a lost cause for 2009 I think. At least I had previously gotten rid of this year's
garlic mustard. Is it too late to plant a few tomatoes though? Weeds have completely taken over. Sorry, neighbors.

And, is it forgiveable if I really started to appreciate- and almost enjoy, really, having time be "mine" like that? I really do like my job, overall, but with the laptop in bed with me, and Facebook 24/7 (other nightowls were there for me too) I never got lonely. Not once.

So I want to thank anyone and everyone who helped me during my time of need, even those who will never read this. Especially Brain and also Riverwoods Urgent Care and my chiropractor.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


elizabeth said...

Yay! So glad you're feeling better, hope you can take some of that 'peace' with you as you go forward!!!

mikemiller34 said...

Did you change the font? I like it! And I may also have to try your chiropractor!