Monday, June 8, 2009

I don't mind the rain

Look what it brought. Lupines!

Alliums, a giant onion.

White bleeding hearts. Janine from Gracious Gardens gave me this plant- it's now huge.

Yellow irises, one of my favorites. I liberated their rhizomes from the nearby neglected cemetery- the grave of a 12-year-old girl was covered with them like a sack of potatoes; the rhizomes were so choked together that the flowers weren't coming anymore, only swords. Now they bloom again in the cemetery too.


Karen said...

I love bleeding hearts. My parents have a few bushes growing in their yard. When I was a little girl and still living with them, I used to pick the blossoms and pretend they were little jewels. They’re just so exquisite.

The River Otter said...

I still have fond memories of flowers we had in our yard when I was very young- bridal wreath (or "snow tree" as I called it), trillium, trumpet vine...I didn't know about bleeding hearts until after I got married. They were one of the first things I planted in my adult garden. Good times!