Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Re-Threads on Humboldt

Re-Threads, a new store that opened up on Humboldt just north of Locust, is like having the coolest friend ever to trade clothes with. It is like thrift shopping without having to paw through stained, torn shirts and too much Faded Glory.
The store went up so fast and seemed so cool that I thought it had to be part of some regional or national chain. I asked the friendly, efficient clerk about that. Nope, it's locally owned and operated- something the clean and easy-to-navigate website corroborates.
Photo courtesy of the Re-Threads website.
The premise is simple: you bring in your clothing that is still worth rockin', but just doesn't fit your body/life/closet anymore, and trade it for cash or store credit. Brain and I walked in with items that I had previously loved and knew that someone else would someday love just as much, and walked out with some cash, a pair of pants that I want to say "fit me like a glove" (but no, they simply fit me like a wonderfully-fitting pair of pants) and a sweet Thneed. (I don't think this versatile garment has a real name, but it is very awesome and even has the original tag still attached.) Re-Threads is like being invited to one of those parties where people bring clothing that just ain't working out anymore and have a big trade, except the pool of people involved is just that much bigger. They could use more men's clothing though; I hope for Brain's sake that shakes out eventually, but I loved it. The concept is brilliant.


Charlotte said...

Did they have any plus size clothing?

The River Otter said...

They have a huge selection of women's clothing of all sizes! Shoes and accessories too. Planning a trip to MKE soon?

karen said...

This is AWESOME! I have a garbage bag brimming with nice, gently worn clothes that don't fit me anymore.