Saturday, June 6, 2009


I bought this 1990 Geo Prizm Hatchback from a man with few teeth in 1996 and named it The Egg, because it's a white hatch. When it was time to get new plates, they sent me this one. See? It's EGG spelled sdrawkcab.
I loved this car. This is about the best picture I had of it. When the doors wore out, I got newer doors. They were blue. The Egg looked a little like a saddle shoe after that.
We gave it to Brain's son when he went to college in Minnesota. It finally bit the ghost up there, and he sold it to the demolition derby people for $5. Brain and I are a little sad that we didn't get to see the final destructive crunch. RIP, Geo; you served me well.


mikemiller34 said...

I love the $5 part. Was that for the gas to drive it to the junkyard?

The River Otter said...

I think that driving was off the menu. It was probably more like that "push, pull, or drag!" commercial.