Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So, for a long time now I have been wanting one of those neat grabber things, with a little squeezy handle and the ability to pick up anything without having to bend over. Even a threaded needle, as I have been catching up on my mending (PUN!). E-Z Grabber. I fully endorse this product, even though my insurance did not cover it.

Well, I finally got myself one. Look how cheerfully yellow it is too! What a happy color for grabbing. Usually I want something for a long time before finally breaking down and buying it, and since my body broke down first, and then I reached my breaking point (oh do all these whiny puns SLAY ME!) I bought one from the always-helpful Ye Olde Pharmacy. It didn't break the bank. I love that place (and puns). They sell things no one else seems to have (for instance, I also got a non-aluminum deodorant crystal thing. Honest people in my life can help me test it out.) I mean it.

Speaking of sensory issues, my PT gave me some interesting advice: use sensory pleasures, such as funny pictures, petting the cat (yes, Jinxxx is in my lap right now, "helping" me type), and pleasant smells to trick yourself help the brain release chemicals that will alleviate pain. So, after getting the grabber thing, I went to Penzey's and bought allspice and cloves- two of my favorite and most pungent spices.- The clerk there was so helpful. She was an older lady. She saw me open the door with my cane and was imediately at my side, found exactly what I wanted justlikethat, put it all in her pockets to carry it for me, and was just incredibly kind (another glowing endorsement, I know). The store was a bit quiet and I told her my rationale for extra spice use. She told me she knew all about pain- indicating to me what I had already noticed- the ravages of rheumatoid arthritis- and yet she was so kind, so helpful, so pleasant.

So I made an amazing hot beverage (recipe: hot water, allspice, cloves, pinch of brown sugar, tsp vanilla). It did seem to help. It certainly was tasty.

And I can't wait to use my grabber to clean up trash in Lincoln Park this summer, the original reason I wanted it in the first place. Look out, chip bags. Get out of town, blunt wrappers. I'm coming to get you.


mikemiller34 said...

Blunt wrappers, indeed. And why do all litterers seem to eat beef jerky? Or is it, rather, that all beef jerky eaters litter?

The River Otter said...

Jerky people litter.

You are what you eat.