Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nature's beauty

Here are two colorful nature shots sent to me that really brightened my dark days and I wanted to share them with you. I cropped them, but no other photoshop-type editing was done. Their beauty is pure and unadulterated.

My mom sent me this: "hens and chicks" flowering on her deck. They don't flower reliably, so this is kind of special.

She and her husband have green thumbs and a gorgeous outdoor space, with plenty of Western sun, but set up with so much lush vegetation that you really could believe it's a tropical paradise. I love it out there. I hope I can make it out there tomorrow for my and my brother's combined birthday celebration.

One of the women from my knitting group, Lori Kangas Ahrenhoerster, posted this photo of robin's eggs (above) on her Facebook page (giving me permission to repost). She took it with a cell phone camera- capturing that amazing glowing blue that only Salvador Dali was ever able to reproduce with paint, to my knowledge- the blue of the sky during a perfect clear dusk, the translucent blue that I could just get lost in. I hope your computer screen does it justice.

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